Two Ingredient Nutella Pudding

I’ve been a Nutella devotee since childhood.  Before Nutella was available everywhere it was this rare and special jar of heaven a friend of my mom’s used to bring us whenever she’d visit from out of state.  I only ate it by the spoonful.  The idea of desecrating it, diluting it by spreading it on something inferior like…toast, was sacrilege.

This past year I’ve gotten over that hang-up and have experimented.

A few months ago, I had a craving for some Nutella goodness, but wanted something more substantial (think volume) than a dollop would provide.  Then I had the perfect idea for a combo to give me the flavor without eating a cup of Nutella.  I’m fairly certain I didn’t “invent” this.  But it was new to me and has become an easy go-to for a creamy chocolately dessert or snack.

Nutella Pudding Image 2

This “recipe” is so simple it almost doesn’t seem worth a blog post.

Mix Nutella with plain yogurt.  There.  You’ve made my version of Nutella Pudding.

Nutella Pudding 4

Below is the ratio I find works best for me, but feel free to use more or less yogurt to suit your tastes.

Nutella Pudding RecipeYogurt is a wonderful vehicle for introducing new flavors and Nutella, well, enough said.

It makes a great snack, dessert or fruit dip — for you or your kids.

Any kind of yogurt will do, but if you’re looking to get extra protein, Greek yogurt is ideal.  This “pudding” is also one of the few viable uses for otherwise bland nonfat yogurt because Nutella is already rich in fat.  However, I rarely have nonfat yogurt hanging out in my fridge just for this purpose so I usually use whole milk yogurt.

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Posted by Adina
March 7, 2017

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