About Me


I’m Adina: Dietitian, wife, and mom of two (5 and 7).  I thought I knew plenty about feeding kids (they’re just mini adults, right?) before having my own.  But kids have changed my paradigm completely.

I base my feeding philosophy on Ellyn Satter’s work and her Division of Responsibility (DOR).  Something I didn’t learn about until my first child was about 15 months old.  But it took over a year to really begin to grasp the beauty of the DOR and its many nuances.   And I’m still learning.

Ultimately the DOR is a trust model of feeding rather than a control model of feeding.  Its goal is long term Eating Competence rather than short term getting a child to eat, this food, right now.

In my excitement to share DOR with more parents than I could see in my very part time clinical practice, I started a Facebook page.  Eventually I joined forces with pediatric dietitian, Natalia Stasenko and we teach at FeedingBytes.com and run a facebook community.  I also take a limited number of private clients (via email/phone/Skype).